Vast Territory

Project | Acoustic Instruments (2017)
Episode 1 Lily Pond
for violin, viola, cello, bass clarinet, flute

There is a certain memory of a busride in 2011 from Vilnius to Druskininkai and the experieced landscape – the vast territory.

In Episode 1 the recorded sounds around a lily pond near Drsukininkai are used for the sounding score. The musicians do an interpretation of the woods noise, birds, insects, frogs – an acoustic memory of a particular place will be transformed.

comissioned piece for the Ensemble Synaesthesis in the frame of DAR
14 08 2017 arts printing house, Vilnius

Episode 2 Forest Murmurs
for binaural radio
In Episode 2 binaural recordings in the woods around Druskininkai are used – a journey with my artificial ears into the living silnece of the woods.

produced by Ö1 Kunstradio
17 12 2017 live from ORF Funkhaus

supported by bundeskanzleramt:österreich and Austrian Embassy Copenhagen


Ensemble Synaesthesis

The ensemble was founded in 2013 by conductor Karolis Variakojis and composer Dominykas Digimas. This team of young and ambitious musicians has taken up the mission of introducing works of experimental Lithuanian and foreign composers to the performance venues. | homepage

  • Lily Pont Druskininkai


  • Lily Pont Druskininkai


  • Forest Trail Druskininkai


  • Forest Druskininkai


  • National Park


  • Edge of the Forest Druskininkai