Spaces #1

Spaces #1

Product | (2009)

produced by ORF 1 | Edition Zeitton and Kunstradio
mastering: Martin Leitner | grafic design: Elisabeth Kopf
supported by musik aktuell and klangspuren
distribution: musik aktuell | ORF Shop

on tesar | score included
1 den Zwischenraum bauen und eine Kruste bilden vom Fließenden | 7:36
2 Denken inn Schichten, bauen, legen, ordnen, stapeln | 7:53
3 Engstellen, o in die Welt, Puls | 3:37
4 es kriecht | 3:46
5 All(es) oszilliert zwischen dem Raum und meinem Körper | 5:56

Cordula Bösze: flutes
Elisabeth Schimana: electronics
Dieter Treibenreif: audio engineering
Martin Leitner, Florian Rosensteiner: recording

6 Moskwa | 33:24
all sound materials recorded by Elisabeth Schimana 2001 bis 2005
live surround mix: Elisabeth Schimana
audio engineering: Martin Leitner, Anna Kuncio

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Cordula Bösze

Musician, performer, music mediator, studied flute with Hans Reznicek and Wolfgang Schulz at the Hochschule f website

Elisabeth Kopf

runs since 1999the design studio „Buero Baustelle“. Project-related cooperations with scientists and artists, professionals and amateurs determine the characteristic qualities of the studio. Works for international clients in the fields of corporate identity and cultural design keep her busy as much as self-initiated experimental projects. Lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Sciences Graz. Member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. website

Heinz Tesar

architect, artist, writer, deeply engaged with the idea of „homotypy“, lives and works in Vienna and Berlin buildings: Essl Museum Klosterneuburg, BTV Stadtforum Innsbruck and others.

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