Product | (1998)
the sensuality of music made without touching

Track 1 4:27
Track 2 8:36
Track 3 8:44
Simultaneous live perfromance Moscow-Vienna-Madrid
Recorded at the ORF Radio KulturHaus, Vienna, December 4 1997
Recording engineer: Gerhard Wieser

Lana Aksenova, Günther Gessert, Elisabeth Schimana Andre Smirnov und Yuri Spitsin in Moscow, Ostankino Tower - Andrew Garton, Christoph Kurzmann, Sergio Messina and Robin Rimboud in Vienna - Pedro Lopez in Madrid

Touchless II [1998]
Track 4 1:14
Track 5 U 8:06
Track 6 A 8:04
Track 7 E 15:59
Track 8 I 3:07
Live Performance recorded at the Minoritenkirche / Kunst Halle Krems, April 4 1998
Recording engeneer: Karl Petermichl
Assistance: Stefan Lainer

Andrew Garton, Günther Gessert, Pedro Lopez, Olga Milanich, Sergio Messina, Elisabeth Schimana, Andre Smirnov, Yuri Spiitsin

Mastering: Karl Petermichl and Elisabeth Schimana
Graphic design: Robert Adrian X
Production: Ö1 Kunstradio in collaboration with Kunst Halle Krems 1998

Lana Aksenova (RU): vocals, theremin
Andrew Garton (AUT): theremin, stylaphon
Günther Gessert (AT): theremin, minimoog
Christoph Kurzmann (AT): theremin, sampler
Pedro Lopez (ES): theremin, sampler, electroacoustic cordel, tapes, radio
Olga Milanich (RU): theremin
Sergio Messina (IT): fuzz thereminette
Robin Rimbaud (UK): theremin electro pollution
Elisabeth Schimana (AT): vocals, echoplex
Andre Smirnov (RU): theremin with ringmodulator
Yuri Spitsin (RU): powerglove, sampler

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