Product | (2014)
Virus #1.2 [2012] 25:10
Composition for live generated electronic resonating body and piano
Live electronic: Elisabeth Schimana
Piano: Manon-Liu Winter
Recorded: 02 11 2014, alte schmiede, Wien, by Peter Venus

Virus #3 [2009 – 2013] 28:08
Composition for live generated electronic resonating body and strings, woodwind and brass instruments, percussion sets
Live electronic: Elisabeth Schimana
Orchestra: RSO Wien
Commissioned piece by RSO Wien
Live recording: 03 10 2013, musikprotokoll, Dom im Berg, Graz, by ORF Steiermark and Matthias Kronlachner

Virus #1.3 [2014] 20:04
Composition for live generated electronic resonating body and percussion
Live electronic: Elisabeth Schimana
Percussion: Igor Gross
Live recording: 04 07 2014 Liquid Music festival, Judenburg, by noid

Mixdown, Mastering: Tonstudio der TU Graz, Peter Venus
Graphikdesign: marufura fufunjiru
Produced and distributed by chmafu nocords

Supported by musikfond, ske, RSO, ORF musikprotokoll, bundeskanzleramt:kunst


Igor gross

Percussion studies in Vienna. Actic in contemporary music among others with Klangforum Wien, PHACE Contemporary Music, Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert, Ensemble Phidias, Ensemble Platypus. Soloconcerts and busy with imroversation. Continous projects with orchesteras like the Wiener Philharmoniker, RSO Wien, Staatsoper Wien und others.

Manon Liu Winter

An intensive study of the music of the 20th century soon led her to collaborate with many composers. With programmes of music by the 2nd Viennese School and contemporary piano music, she performs as a soloist in Austria and at international festivals. experiments with the extension of the sounds of the piano using a prepared instrument and electronics; she also performs as an improviser. | homepage


The ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra is a renowned, world-class orchestra that is closely connected to the Viennese tradition of orchestral performance. | homepage

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