die große partitur

Product | (2006)
a project by Seppo Gründler and Elisabeth Schimana
the great score sits in the historical context of electronic music
distribution: musik aktuell

8 CDs each 21min
track 1 creation | track 2 freezing | track 3 synthesis

live- recordings of the concerts 2001 to 2006
recording and mastering: Seppo Gründler and Elisabeth Schimana
grafik design: Elisabeth Kopf, Buero Baustelle

2001 PAUSE-SIGN Festival| Budapest | a nagy partitúra
2002 ALTERMEDIUM.02 Festival | Moskau | bolschaja partitura
2004 STEIM No Backup Concerts | Amsterdam | de grote partituur
2004 ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL | Linz | die groβe partitur
2005 MAK nite | Wien | die groβe partitur
2005 KAPELICA GALLERY | Ljubliana | velika partitura
2005 MUSIKPROTOKOLL | Graz | die groβe partitur
2006 ORF KUNSTRADIO | Net | the great score with Guy van Belle, Günther Gessert, Davide Grassi, Reni Hofmüller, Toth Pal, Borut Savski, Zsolt Sores, Yuri Spitsin, Anne Wellmer und Brane Zorman

released by salon elise
supported by ske, bm:ukk, IEM, werstadt graz


Elisabeth Kopf

runs since 1999the design studio „Buero Baustelle“. Project-related cooperations with scientists and artists, professionals and amateurs determine the characteristic qualities of the studio. Works for international clients in the fields of corporate identity and cultural design keep her busy as much as self-initiated experimental projects. Lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Sciences Graz. Member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. | homepage

Seppo Gründler

Musician, composer, tinker, main instruments guitar and computer, different live projects solo/duo/ensembles, music for theatre, film and dance, sound and media installations Head of the Master Studiums Media and Interaction Design at FH-Joanneum Graz | homepage

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creation die grosse partitur vien

freezing bolschaja partitura mosc

synthesis die grosse partitur grz