AGORA Or an Artistic Assembly

Project | Interactive Media Installation (2015)
A project by LAB.852 | Zagreb

A place to meet, a place to exchange, a place to offer. A place where artistic ideas will start to communicate with each other. A place where history and future bump into each other, creating presence. A place where five artists, coming from different fields like music, media art, architecture and textile art, will show their very individual approaches of artistic expression, but at the same time will spin threads to create a common ground. How will it be possible to find and express this common ground?
Thats the process. Thats the challenge.

Concept: Elisabeth Schimana (A)
Artists: Bojan Gagic (HR), Miodrag Gladovic (HR), Zdravko Krasic (HR), Bara Radeljak (HR)

SO 20 09 2015 - SA 31 10 2015 Fabrik Drobė Kaunas Biennial | Kaunas


Barbara Raad

is an MA student in Textile and Fashion Design (Zagreb). She has started several brands to produce clothing, costumes and backpacks. She exhibits her work regularly in fashion shows and collaborates with media artists on installation works and performances.

Bojan Gagić

is a multimedia artist working internationally in the sphere of sound art and field recordings, in parallel to working as a technical director for theatre, film and music festivals, and publishing his poetry. He is the co-founder of the Zagreb platform for new sound expressions Sinelinea. | homepage

Miodrag Gladović

is an engineer in electroacoustics, musician, music producer and multimedia artist. As a musician he is heavily involved in the underground music scene. Based on DIY ethics, Gladović co-founded the independent record label Moonlee Records.

Zdravko Krasić

is an architect and urban planner also associated with Children’s Room, and Urbane Tehnike, different formations within the group of visionary architects from Zagreb interested in analytic processes of mapping and sampling of local phenomena.

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