Project | Radioart (2019)
A radio piece in 8 chapters

In the patriarchal system in which we live, control over the female and her childbearing body is a primal need. This system of control determines whether, when and how the next generations will be born to obtain the state. If a state needs soldiers, abortion is forbidden under penalty of death, or women of childbearing age are recruited via social networks, if no girls are needed their birth is prohibited, if the state needs children, there is a family bonus….

María Llopi's book “Maternidades subversivas” (Subversive Motherhood, 2015) shakes things up. She formulates alternatives such as orgiastic birth, co-parenthood or co-breastfeeding based on interviews she conducted.

Intro: Rosario Hernández Catalán
Chapter 1 - Orgasmic birth: María Llopis, Núria M. Martin, Sarri Wilde
Chapter 2 – Social realities:: María Llopis, Alicia Murillo
Chapter 3 – Gender: María Llopis, Erik Huma, Del Lagrace Volcano
Chapter 4 – Co- Parenthood: María Llopis, Mad Kate
Chapter 5 – Co- Breastfeeding: María Llopis, Barbara Iserte
Chapter 6 – Gynaecology: Pabla Pérez, Klau Kinky
Chapter 7 – Matriarchal: María Llopis, Jesusa Ricoy Olariaga
Chapter 8 – Ecosex: Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens

Concept and music: Elisabeth Schimana
Voices: Rosie Waites, Riem Higazi, Andreas Maurer
Soundengineer: Martin Leitner
All texts are taken from María Llopis book “Maternidades subversivas” in an English translation )e-book).

Birthing was created in the context of the The Art of Reproduction by IMA Institut für Medienarchäologie

Produced by Ö1 Kunstradio
03 03 2019 Ö1 Kunstradio
11 05 2019 Club MOOZAK, Republik Kugelmugel
08 12 2019 Art Brunch im Bad, schaumbad, Graz
19/26 01 und 02/09 02 2020 ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen, Berlin


María Llopis

is an artist, activist, feminist, queer, and post-pornographer. She develops her own alternative vision of sexual identity and gender, always based on a strong feminist political position. | homepage

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Intro: Rosario Hernández Catalán

Orgasmic birth: María Llopis, Núria M. Martin, Sarri Wilde

Gynaecology: Klau Kinky

Matriarchal: María Llopis, Jesusa Ricoy Olariaga