Blind Date

Project | Live Electronic & Visuals (2018)
The filmmaker and artist Mara Mattuschka and the composer and musician Elisabeth Schimana have a rendezvous. Mara Mattuschka hears nothing and Elisabeth Schimana sees nothing. They have, however, agreed on a common line, on a text to be written together that, like a score, will serve as this common line for a 50-minute AV performance. The text is about strings that oscillate in the body, tubes through which the body receives nourishment and air, skins that are made to vibrate like a membrane.

A feature film without sound and a composition without images. Their first date will be their joint performance at the Admiralkino cinema.

05 10 2018 salonkonzertAV medienwerkstatt wien, Admiralkino, Vienna

supported by wien kultur


Mara Mattuschka

is an Austrian film and theater director, writer, performance artist, actor, singer and art character. | homepage

  • Filmstill Mara Matuschka


  • Filmstill Mara Matuschka


  • Admiralkino, Vienna


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  • Mara Mattuschka Admiralkino Vienna


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