Project | Live Electronic (2014)
This hypothetical subtsance, the ether, gave it’s name to the disembodied voices from the ether, the radio, and to Lev Theremins intsrument the etherophon or better known as the theremin. Vasja Progra and Elisabeth Schimana will play with and listen to the waves of the ether.

This piece is created during a residency at CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing, Ljubljana in cooperation with Vasja Progar.

29 05 2014 Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana, curated by Brane Zorman
17 01 2015 Arts Birthday Party, ORF Kunstradio, Radiokulturhaus Vienna

supported by Österreichisches Kulturforum Ljubljana


Vasja Progar

Vasja Progar was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He had a diverse education – besides obtaining a degree in Biotechnology (University of Ljubljana), he also spent three years studying Musical Composition and Theory (Academy of Music in Ljubljana). His musical interests took precedence and and he became involved in the contemporary and experimental musical scene, performing and lecturing – often reaching outside of frames of exclusively auditory art. Recently, he finished a master’s course in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona). | homepage

  • Etherwaves


  • Galerija Kapelica, 2014


    © Brane Zorman

  • Galerija Kapelica, 2014


    © Brane Zorman

Ljubljiana excerpt 1

Ljubljiana excerpt 2