Homage a Max Brand

Project | Tape (2017)
To someone who went out into the world to become a pioneer.
To someone whose insatiable desire for the theater made him invent machines for the opera.
To someone who left me a legacy of visions and machines.

Text: Max Brand (Interview with a Recorder, around 1960)
Sound materials: Max Brand (around 1960)
Voice: Christian Scheib (recorded at ORF Funkhaus, Vienna)
Commissioned by Musikprotokoll for „Homages. Austrian artists pay homage to New York music“

Sound exhibition
20-24 04 2017 Austrian Cultural Forum New York exhibition tour
04-08 10 2017 musikprotokoll Graz

"A quiet display of fireworks will mark the fifteenth anniversary of the year the Austrian Cultural Forum New York took residence in its newly designed Manhattan home base, an unmistakable structure that achieved legendary status from the very outset. But the fireworks are quiet in appearance only. Anniversary revelers on 52nd Street will have a chance to don headsets and experience a brilliant cascade of veritable explosions of sound. Fifteen Austrian composers are each dedicating a miniature piece to a musician whose work and life are connected to New York.

And because the ACFNY’s predecessing institution, the Austrian Institute, was founded by émigrés 75 years ago, it is with deep appreciation that we are dedicating one of these homages to Austrian composer Max Brand who had to leave his homeland despite his success and became a pioneer of electronic music in his new existence in New York. Paying tribute to his oeuvre is composer, performer, and radio artist Elisabeth Schimana." (Christian Scheib)
  • Max Brand Studio N.Y. 1960th


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Homage à Max Brand