Project | Acoustic Instruments (2021)

7x3 Interventions
for the ensemble airborne extended

Landscapes is a modular composition consisting of roughly three-minute-long modules which can be combined in any order. Each module can stand alone and exist without the others. The order given below is random; the numbers have no significance other than to communicate with the musicians.

I1 Rose Garden stretched | I2 In Front of the House | I3 Rose Garden | I4 Forest Chirping | I5 Ocean | I6 Sky | I7 Meadow

For years I have been exploring the possibillities to work with audio scores. In the Acoustic Memory series, the musicians are given sound samples as a source material, which they translate to their instruments. By acoustic memory they then play their interpretations according to a set time structure. Landscapes is based on field recordings of, for example, Mexican trucks, Lithuanian forests, or the Indian Ocean and electronic sounds for Rose Garden.

Supported by BMKÖS

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  • Sky Sao Paulo

  • In front of my house Mexico City

  • Ocean Pacitan

  • Rosery

  • Meadow borderlands Lithuania

  • Forest Chirp Druskininkai


  • 29 01 2023
  • Westbahnstudios Wien
  • 17 02 2021
  • TRIESTE PRIMA 2020, Chromas Associazione Musica Contemporanea online


Airborne Extended

The instrumentation with harp, harpsichord, transverse flute and recorder is unique and aside the mainstream. website