Project | Live Electronic (2019)
live elektronic solo

Commissioned by the Klangspuren Festival in conjunction with the City of Innsbruck’s Hilde Zach Scholarship 2018

And everything began millions of years ago, when the ocean, the Tethys, washed sand into the shells of the ammonites; they turned to stone and the Alpide belt was formed.

Monolithic rock formations emerge layer by layer and seem to convey unity, a monophonic space. A monosignal coming from countless speakers – from a block in the middle, from above, from the sides, from in front and in back. But just as there is difference in rock, so too there is in unison. The individual layers start to crumble, giving way to a polyphonic granular space, a new landscape.
(English translation Kimi Lum)

11 09 2019 Klangspuren, Silbersaal Schwaz
17 10 2019 CMMAS, Morelia
28 08 2021 entfernte erkundungen, Symposion Lindabrunn

Picture credit:
Parapuzosia Seppenradensis
Alpide Belt
  • Found at the beach of Pacitan Indonesia 2019


    © Elisabeth Schimana

  • Replica Parapuzosia Seppenradenzis


  • Alpide belt