Narratives II

Project | Radioart (1999)
This on air- on site - on line performance consitst of ongoing acoustic reactions by Elisabeth Schimana, who is performing at Rhiz,Vienna, to delayed images, which the Canadian artist Peter Courtemanche webcasts from Western Front, Vancouver. Courtemanche is reacting to Schimanas delayed sounds webcast from Rhiz, Vienna so the live-radio-mix is also determined by the story of the telematic collaboration of the two artists.

STORIES / NARRATIVES of delayed images from Peter Courtemanche at Western Front/Vancouver/Canada of delayed sounds from Elisabeth Schimana at Rhiz/Vienna/Austria of delayed images from Canada ... an ongoing reaction to the "story" of an image, of a sound.

"I ask myself: what can I play - control - trigger by myself? A theremin to navigate through very different sounds and to modulate them. An echoplex to build and destroy digital loops. The voice to directly intervene the mixing console. I ask myself for a story - for MY story, ANY story."

ANY story refers to dadaism, futurism and radio art.

Elisabeth Schimana navigates through material from futurism and dadaism.

15 04 1999 live ORF Kunstradiosendung from rhiz, Vienna and Western Front, Vancouver
26 10 2014 RN(Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio Yak: Elisabeth Zimmermann


Peter Courtemanche

Peter Courtemanche is a Vancouver based contemporary electronic media artist and curator. He works primarily in the realm of sound, radio-art, and interactive installation work. As a curator and technician at the Western Front he has worked with many established and emerging artists in the production and installation of video, audio, and computer/electronic based art.

  • Zang Tumb Tumb


    Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Zang Tumb Tumb, 1914

  • Zang Tumb Tumb


    Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Zang Tumb Tumb, 1914

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  • Emmy Hennings


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Narratives II