Pictures of an Exhibition

Pictures of an Exhibition

Project | Radioart (2022)

The radio piece is based on the exhibition DigiDic - Call for Digital Self-Defense organized by IMA Institute for Media Archaeology and transfers the exhibited objects into an acoustic walk-through.

Concept: Elisabeth Schimana und Seppo Gründler
Slound engineer: Elmar Peinelt
Production: Ö1 Kunstradio
Exhibition: DigiDic

Dictator of Your Choice / The Bank Lies / Vending Private Network or Data Detox Bar are just some of the objects that will populate the four thematic circles in the exhibition - Trust, Responsibility, Promise, and Rage & Powerlessness. Walk with us - on the radio and in the museum (Stadtmuseum St. Pölten 02.12.22 - 19.03.23)!

With texts by:
Gisela Schmalz / Dictator of Your Choice
Cory Doctorow / Kapiteltext Wut & Ohnmacht
Klaudia Zotzmann-Koch / Kapiteltexte Verantwortung, Vertrauen, Versprechen
Tactical Tech / Google Society, 100+ Protests, Data Detox Bar, A Drop in the Ocean, Notes on an Apology Tour
Marlene Lerperger / Fake News
Danja Vasiliev / WannaScry
Danja Vasiliev und Julian Oliver / Vending Private Network
Caroline Buttet / Virtual Peephole
Ushi Reiter, Seppo Gründler, Eva Ursprung / Slowspending oder die Bank lügt

Sound materials:
Alle Stücktexte sind von folgenden Text-to-Speech-Systemen gesprochen:
LEO (Austrian German Male) - Synthetisiert mit Festival HTS Text-to-Speech Online Demo, The Centre for Speech Technology Research University of Edinburgh.
Stimmenmodel von Markus Toman, Michael Pucher und Junichi Yamagishi - Telecommunications Research Center Vienna.Siri - Stimme 3 (Englisch, Vereinigte Staaten) 2022 Apple Inc.

Following voices were used from the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API demo:
English (United States) en-US-Wavenet-G, en-US-Wavenet-I, en-US-Wavenet-D
English (Great Britian) en-GB-Wavenet-B
English (Australia) en-AUS-Wavenet-A
English (India) en-IN-Wavenet-DDeutsch (Deutschland) de-DE-Wavenet-D, de-DE-Wavenet-F, de-DE-Wavenet-E, de-DE-Wavenet-B

Fishsounds from Looby A, Riera A, Vela S, Cox K, Bravo S, Rountree R, Juanes F, Reynolds LK, Martin CW (2021) FishSounds., (version 1.0. Accessed on March 22, 2022) und National Marine Sanctuaries, Florida (Vinyl LP, digitalisiert von S.G. 1986)

Fishes: Amphichthys-cryptocentrus, Halobatrachus-didactylus, Clupea-pallasii, Ophidion-marginatum, Gadus-morhua, Alosa-pseudoharengus, Lutjanus-griseus_Larvae, Protonibea-diacanthus, Melanogrammus-aeglefinus, Argyrosomus-japonicus, Pygocentrus-nattereri, dazu Catfish, Delphin, Toadfish, Shrimps.

Ice sounds from the ORF sound archive
Footsteps, voices and gongs from the archive of Elisabeth Schimana

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  • DigiDic

    © Andreas Rathmanner & Nora Bischof

  • DigiDic

    © Andreas Rathmanner & Nora Bischof



Seppo Gründler

Musician, composer, tinker, main instruments guitar and computer, different live projects solo/duo/ensembles, music for theatre, film and dance, sound and media installations Head of the Master Studiums Media and Interaction Design at FH-Joanneum Graz website