Sky Waves

Project | Sound Installation (2015)
Through the form in the metal sculpture Seagull’s Wing Milena Lah expresses the idea of flying and floating to overcome gravity like a bird.

„ The sculpture is the time extended thought, formed in the material, present in the area.“ (Milena Lah)

Sound is travelling through the air, free of gravity, passing by, shaping a very moment of time, a little duration, elusive.

Three metal tubes are floating in seven meter hight. Waves of sound will travel through them, shaped by the physical properties of the tubes. Distortions will appear, noise reminding on ocean waves will communicate with the sky.

And on earth one might experience the beauty of floating sound in a floating sculpture.

01 06 2015 - 07 06 2015 FESTIVAL ŽELJEZARA / ZAJEDNIČKI (G)RAD, curated by LAB 852 (Karmen Krasić, Danijela Tonkovic)
  • Seagull’s Wing / Galebovo krilo with Milena Lah


  • Seagull’s Wing / Galebovo krilo 2015


    © Karmen Krasić 2015

  • Sky Waves


    © Alma Tauber