Temple Music

Project | Live Electronic (2005,2007,2008)
trash transformation

shopping centers are places of refuge
shopping centers are the only freely accessible interior spaces without the pressure to consume
shopping centers are places to meet and linger
shopping centers are temples dedicated to the consumer deity
shopping centers reveal the failure of a political public sphere
shopping centers assume the function of non-existent publicly accessible interior spaces
shopping centers do not charge admission
shopping centers are temples

temple music contemplates these facts and explores the acoustic environment of these temples
an acoustic field study in the shops and shopping centers of the concert venue / transfer of the acoustic shopping space into an art space – church space / a self-service supermarket, where one can select sound files based on one’s current emotional state.

30 06 2005 Liquid Music, Judenburg
11/12 05 2007 Schaurausch, Ursulinenkirche Linz
16 12 2008 MAK NITE, Vienna
  • Liquid Music, Judenburg 06


  • Schaurausch, Ursulinenkirche Linz 07


  • Schaurausch, Ursulinenkirche Linz 07


Temple Music Judenburg excerpt

Temple Music Linz excerpt