The Forest

Project | Intermedia Installation (2022)
A forest of moving textiles and binaural sound experience through which the audience can find their own ways.

Elisabeth Schimana: Concept, binaural sound composition
Hillevi Munthe: Concept, textile and Muscle Wire Technology
Norbert Math: Prototyping und Programmierung

Sonically in the forest that isn't there, visually in the forest that isn't one

The gallery space is filled with textile sheets at irregular intervals from the ceiling to the floor, but it is still possible to move between them. The sheets are made of lightweight, transparent silk felted with raw wool and dyed with plant pigments. The surfaces are lumpy and bubbly. Sometimes rough, sometimes smooth and silky. At irregular intervals, the fabric stands out from the ground, lingers there before slowly falling back towards the ground. Lifting happens quickly, suddenly, while falling is slow. It is as if the installation breathes and lives.

The binaural sound forest can be experienced by the audience with headphones and is connected to the movements of the audience. The basic materials are binaural recordings in Norwegian and Austrian forests. This special recording technique transports the listeners into a three-dimensional sound space – I am in the forest.


Hillevi Munthe

is Project Manager and Curator for the project Soft Technology. She is an art historian and a textile artist working with textile materials. As an artist Hillevi explores textile electronics focusing on creating textiles with seemingly basic living functions like breath and simple responses to the surroundings. She experiments with shape memory materials and conductive ink for printed textile circuit boards. Hillevi has also been Project Manager and Producer for art festivals and exhibitions including Oslo Open, Urban Interface|Oslo and Piksel Festival. | homepage

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