Twilight Zones

Twilight Zones

Project | Acoustic Instruments (2024)

Virus #3.6 – Twilight Zones
Black Page Orchestra / Ludwig Lusser / Andrii Pavlov
Orgel Experimentell #3

Commissioned by Festival Tangente St. Pölten for the Dom St. Pölten

Elisabeth Schimana’s “Virus” series is an expedition into acoustic perception, a sounding of the responses of our brains in the span of milliseconds, a plea for the precise acoustic moment. The music in this series is based on compositions that use a live-generated electronic sound body as an audio-score for acoustic instruments. Scattered around the room, the musicians are asked to interpret respectively imitate the electronic sounds on their instruments simultaneously and as precisely as possible. In the commissioned work “Twilight Zones – Zonen der Dämmerung”, the composer Elisabeth Schimana, whose Institute for Media Archaeology is based in St. Pölten and who works worldwide, will for the first time be utilising the organ and, together with cathedral organist Ludwig Lusser, explores the possibilities of this instrument in St. Pölten Cathedral.

Virus #3.6 deals with the question: Where are we NOW? In zones of twilight, of change, of twilight - are we moving into the night or into the morning? Will the autocrats destroy existing democracies, or are we reinventing ourselves and moving into a future with a different economic system, a fairer global distribution, and an overcoming of autocratic systems? We sense the zones of dawn.

Percussion: Igor Gross / tuba: Anna Guggenberger / bassoon: Aleksa Marinković / bass clarinet: Florian Fennes / violoncello: Irene Frank / violin: Fani Vovoni (Black Page Orchestra)

Andrii Pavlov (violin solo), Ludwig Lusser (organ), Elisabeth Schimana (live electronic)

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Andrii Pavlov

The violinist Andrii Pavlov is a representative the young generation of Ukrainian musicians and a prize-winner of several competitions, among them Stasys Vainiunas International Chamber Music Competition in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Johannes Brahms International Competition in Poertschach, Austria. He has performed in Ukraine, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Iran and Syria. He has improved his professional skills in masterclasses with renowned musicians like Philip Setzer, Krzysztof Smietana, Marc Danel, Andrej Bielow and Alexander Pavlovsky.

Black Page Orchestra

founded 2014 in Vienna, is an ensemble for radical and uncompromising music of current times. website