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Virus #2
Virus #3

Virus #1.0
Composition for live generated electronic resonating body and string quintett

The live generated electronic resonating body is the host to which the sounds of the string players attach and adapt, they penetrate into it and use it for their replication. At first the body is immune, but during the course of the piece the body stops resisting, takes in the sounds of the string instruments, and allows the viruses to multiply freely. It is a struggle and synthesis between two resonating bodies. Together they stay alive.

15 05 2011 Youth Music Forum Kiev 2011
EM-VISIA 2011 curated by Alla Zagaykevych
19 05 2011 e_may ´11 curated by Pia Palme & Gina Mattiello

Virus #1.1 mutation for wind quintet
26 05 2011 Festival Druskomania 11

Virus #1.2 mutation for piano
24 02 2012 alte schmiede, Vienna curated by Volkmar Klien
11 05 2012 echoraum, Wien curated by K. Klement und B. Stangl
13 05 2012 Kulturfabrik Hainburg
26 06 2012 IEM Graz Klassenabend Prof. Dr. Marko Ciciliani
19 04 2015 tanz schritt weise | Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz | as the stimulus for Valentina Moar's choreography ZERO:25:TEN (UA)

Virus #1.3 mutation for percussion solo
04 07 2014 Liquid Music, Judenburg
25 05 2018 TENOR 2018, Montreal
26 07 2019 Tenor Konferenz, Monash University, Melbourne

Virus #1.4 silk for Renaissance recorders dedicated to Caroline Mayrhofer
14 01 2015 air-borne | Alte Schmiede, Wien

Virus #1.5 for guitars, violine and violoncello
16 10 2015 Escuela Superior de Música | Salon 222, Mexico City

Virus #1.6 for violin solo dedicated to Andrii Pavlov
20 05 2017 Arsenal bookfare, EM-VISIA, Kiev
10 10 2017 Contrasty Festival Lviv Philharmonic
08 09 2018 12:00 Hidden Alliances, Lentos, ARS Electronica Linz

Virus #1.7 for flute solo dedicated to Anne La Berge
10 11 2017 Splendor, Amsterdam

translated by Kimi Lum | supported by bm:ukk, ske, wien kultur, österreichisches kulturforum mexiko, österreichisches kulturforum kiev, OeAD Lviv, bundeskanzleramt:österreich


Andrii Pavlov

The violinist Andrii Pavlov is a representative the young generation of Ukrainian musicians and a prize-winner of several competitions, among them Stasys Vainiunas International Chamber Music Competition in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Johannes Brahms International Competition in Poertschach, Austria. He has performed in Ukraine, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Iran and Syria. He has improved his professional skills in masterclasses with renowned musicians like Philip Setzer, Krzysztof Smietana, Marc Danel, Andrej Bielow and Alexander Pavlovsky.

Anne La Berge

Anne La Berge’s career as flutist / improviser / composer stretches across international and stylistic boundaries. | homepage

Caroline Mayrhofer

Wien/Innsbruck/Brixen. Musician, studied recorder and cello at Linz, Vienna, Amsterdam. Solo concert performer and member of ensembles for early and new music in Europe, America, Asia. Participation in CD- and broadcust recordings (EMI digital, RecRec, RAI). Activities in improvisation, folk music, Arabian and Sefardian music. | homepage

Ensemble Lietuvos oboju kvintetas | Vilnius

Robertas Beinaris (oboe, artistic director), Tomas Bieliauskas (oboe), Eugenijus Paskevicius (oboe d'amore), Petras Kuraitis (english horn), Arunas Zujus (bassoon)

Igor gross

Percussion studies in Vienna. Actic in contemporary music among others with Klangforum Wien, PHACE Contemporary Music, Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert, Ensemble Phidias, Ensemble Platypus. Soloconcerts and busy with imroversation. Continous projects with orchesteras like the Wiener Philharmoniker, RSO Wien, Staatsoper Wien und others.

Jessica Tsang

Jessica Tsang is a percussionist dedicated to the creation of new interdisciplinary works. Equally fascinated by the worlds of contemporary music, poetry, and the culinary arts, Jessica views percussion as a flexible field with endless possibilities for intersection. She is a founding member of guitar and percussion duo, Party of One. Jessica holds a Master’s degree from McGill University and a B.M. from Mannes College in NYC. | homepage

New Music Ensemble Ricochet | Kiev

Mykhailo Bilych, Galyna Bilych (violins), Andriy Makiy (viola), Zoltan Almashi (cello), Volodymyr Rozdolsiky (contrabasse)

PHACE | contemporary music | Wien

(former ensemble on_line) has been an active member of the contemporary music scene for many years and is one of the most innovative and versatile Austrian ensembles for contemporary music. | homepage

Students of Escuela Superior de Musica (1)

Octavio Arrellin Colungs, Juan Pablo Ruíz Maeso, Jonathan Emmanuel Noverón Ortega, Fabián Rangel, Adrián Rafael Belman Rivera

  • replication


  • Vilnius / Festival Druskomania 11


    co Festival Druskomania

  • Vilnius / Festival Druskomania 11


    co Festival Druskomania

  • Virus #1.2


    Echoraum 2012, Vienna | © Werner Korn

  • Virus #1.3


    Liquid Music 2014, Judenburg | © Heimo Ranzenbacher

  • Virus #1.3


    Jessica Tsang, Montreal, TENOR 18 ©Robert Del Tredici

  • Virus #1.3


    Jessica Tsang, Montreal, TENOR 18 ©Robert Del Tredici

Virus 1, live recording, kiev youth music festival

Virus 1.1, live recording, vilnius festival druskomania excerpt

Virus #1.2, live recording echoraum, Vienna