Project | Radioart (1995)

Contribution to Schlafradio by Norberth Math
Produced by ORF Kunstradio

Weave glides from a state of waking to one of non-REM sleep and from there to the REM sleep–dream phase, paradoxical sleep.These different sleep and dream phases begin with a text by Andre Stanley and a music box melody. Speech and sound transmute and thicken, the sound fabric seems to condense into clouds that drift by in the dream. Interwoven throughout is the voice of Elisabeth Schimana. Memories of the waking state are reinvented.

The original material stems from Norbert Math’s first “Schlafradio” (sleepradio) show, a radio production that formed the basis for all subsequent contributions to the work in progress.

01 06 1995 Ö1 ORF Kunstradio
27 10 1995 BEE95CAMP, Bratislava
04 07 1996 Absolute Musik, Allensteig, curated by Günther Rabl
1997 contribution to Brainers | Tanzhotel
15 10 1999 Museum auf Abruf, Wien
11 03 2012 Ö1 ORF Kunstradio
26 09 2014 IMA Institute of Media Archeology Intimate Spaces 14
14 11 2015 prattica E, Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz
08 10 2016 BIMESP 2016 | PANAROMA/UNESP, Sao Paulo
30 11 2017 New Adits 2017 | raj, Klagenfurt


Norbert Math

is an artist active in the fields of radio art, electronic music, installation, and Internet. He studied at the Academy of Music, Vienna (institute for electroacoustics). He is co- founder (with Andrea Sodomka, Martin Breindl, and August Black) of alien productions, an artist's network for theory and aestethics of new technology and media. Norbert Math was born 1962 in Bozen, Italy and works in Vienna, Austria. | homepage

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