Weave 03

Weave 03

Project | Live Electronic & Visuals (2003)

Compostion for a two-day generative hypermedia dreamspace

flute: Cordula Bösze
loom : Alexandra Pruscha
electronics: Elisabeth Schimana, Andre Smirnov
projections: Julia Seyr
environment/spacial design: Gernot Sommerfeld

Freud has already described the process of dreaming as a masterpiece of weaving within our factory of thought.

"One step activates a thousand threads,
the shuttle shoots across, over,
the threads flow unseen,
the beat of a thousand connections strikes."

This weaving is of an incredible denseness and intensity; the intrinsic patterns permit diverse meanings; the memory-threads of an awakened state from all lifetimes will be spun anew and woven into a multidimensional pattern.

And for some time now, we have been living in a dream period, are part of a hypermedial networked culture, whose history, as sadie plant well described, has its roots in the punch-card of the first automatic loom; spins itself through loom shuttles and weaving machines, cotton and silk, canvas and paper, brush and pen, typewriters, carriages, telephone wire, synthetic fabric, filaments, break-throughs in silicon, glass fiber, pixeled monitors, telephone lines, the world wide web and matrices still to come.

And so, we intend to spin and weave in old and new manners.

comissioned piece by Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow
09/10 10 2003 Pushkinskaja 10, St. Petersburg

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  • co Elisabeth Schimana

  • co Elisabeth Schimana

  • co Elisabeth Schimana


  • Auftragswerk des Österreichischen Kulturforum Moskau
  • 09/10 10. 2003
  • Pushkinskaja 10, St. Petersburg


Alexandra Pruscha

As a passionate textile artist and designer she has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Turkey. She was educated in Vienna and completed her MA in Textiles at the Academy of fine arts. website

Andrei Smirnov

is an interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, collector, writer, composer, researcher and developer of new techniques in computer music. He is a Senior Lecturer and a Head of the Sector for Multimedia at the Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow State Conservatory and a Lecturer at the Rodchenko School for Photography and Multimedia where he teaches courses on history and aesthetics of electroacoustic music, sound design and composition, new musical interfaces and physical computing. In 1992-2012 he was the founding director of the Theremin Center in Moscow. He has conducted numerous workshops and master classes in the U.S., Europe and Russia, and participated in various festivals and conferences. His collection of the historical documents and original electronic musical instruments has been combined with extensive research into the history of music technology with broad experience in composition, interactive performance and curatorial activities. website

Cordula Bösze

Musician, performer, music mediator, studied flute with Hans Reznicek and Wolfgang Schulz at the Hochschule f website

Gernot Sommerfeld

is working as a stage designer for dance and theater productions website

Julia Seyr

was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Applied Arts in Vienna. Since 2002 she participated in international exhibitions. Her work includes comics, paintings and installations. 2012 she released hte comic book "Julie Desire - Lust for Life" at Schlebrügge.Editor. website

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