patriarchal poetry - dance for daisies

Project | Radioart (2001)
a Revue for Gertrude by Elisabeth Schimana and Ludwig Zeininger
produced by ORF Kunstradiio

Elisabeth Schimana: vocals, electronics
Ludwig Zeininger: programming, electronics
Kit Blake: speaking voice
Mathias Schimana: drums
Herta Werner: sound engineering
Sylvia Rosenecker: studio assistance


...what you hear is most of what there is

Excerpts from Gertrude Stein's poem patriarchal poetry from 1927 form the piece's time structures, which, from the overall proportions down to the very basic rhythm patterns, are modelled after the continuously shifting and permutating linguistic repetitions [endlessly same and endlessly different] of stein's unique diction. A software-synthesizer was driven by data gained through frequency- and amplitude-analysis of these passages read aloud, only small portions of which are audible in the final mix, thus forming what could be perceived of as the revue's formal backdrop, it's imaginary rhythm track. And from time to time patriarchal poetry becomes audible.

patriarchal poetry by gertrude stein is used with kind permission of Yale University Press

01 04 2001 Ö1 ORF Kunstradio


Gertrude Stein

(1874-1946) was born in Pennsylvania as the daughter of German-Jewish immigrants. In 1902 she moved to Paris, where she became the center of an avant-garde circle of American-French artists. Her prose influenced Hemingway, Dos Passos, and Fitzgerald, among others. | homepage

Ludwig Zeininger

musician, composer, media artist, programmer, network/system-administrator | homepage

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patriarchal poetry - dance for daisies

patriarchal poetry - dance for daisies